A Happier, Healthier You

Is your health your priority? Do you feel tired, stressed, struggle with your digestive system, have aches and pains, sleep problems and weight issues especially around the middle that just won’t shift? The zest4life team in association with Patrick Holford created a unique process to help you commit to take control of your own health. With zest4life you can become equipped with the tools, knowledge and motivation, to lead a healthy and vibrant life, and inspire your family to do the same.

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Being in a Zest4life group changed my overall attitude towards food and lifestyle.
The best part of Zest4life is that it is a holistic approach to changing your life. It changed how I approach trying to lose weight and maintaining a healthy weight.
Doing the course in a group, as opposed to having one-on-one sessions, was beneficial to me because it was great to share the experience with others. We shared in our successes, the barriers we experienced, and even shared tasty recipes and fun workouts with one another!
I used to struggle tremendously with my digestive system; cramps, bloating and severe indigestion. The Zest4life way of eating relieved all those symptoms! My whole digestive system received a "make-over" and I felt so much better each day. Not feeling uncomfortable after eating also made exercising easier.
I specifically enjoyed the part of the course that focused on happiness and a healthy, happy mind, because many times, I have felt negative and deprived while trying to lose weight. I eventually realised that I had to love my body - every part of it - BEFORE trying to lose weight. Your body receives all the messages your mind sends it. Loving your body makes it happy and balanced!
Zest4life does not exclude any food group and I never felt hungry. It does require a fair amount of planning, but when you love your body, it feels good to take time and care to prepare food for yourself.
Mindful eating changes your approach to eating. You no longer simply FEED yourself, you NOURISH yourself.
No matter what your reason is to make a change, whether it is to lose weight, manage your health or up your energy levels, Zest4life is the answer!

J Swart - Vanderbijlpark